Outsourced exit interviews provide:
· More candid responses
· Higher response rates
· More objective process
· Better results

About us

True Hire has been at the forefront of helping companies hire a smarter, safer workforce for more than 16 years. Now we are taking all of our experience to help you keep those employees once you hire them. Using our extensive understanding of human resources and our unparalleled technology, we create a custom solution for your company. Whether it is an automated solution, or a customized plan utilizing our experienced call center, we will provide the inside information on what is driving employees to leave your organization.

True Hire is a leader in the field of background checks and provides a full range of background checks for employment screening. We are quickly becoming a leader in the growing field of outsourced exit interviews. Give us a call today to find out how we can help reduce your company’s turnover and increase your bottom line!